Build15 Released

February 6, 2013

Yum yum.  Two Spocean builds in as many weeks!  Build15 underwent even deeper, crazier netcode overhauling, but I think the result is a much sturdier framework.  According to the simulations I ran, it was able to plod along in some pretty hellish conditions, so hopefully that resolves all of the weird disconnection/de-synchronization issues that were happening in Build14.  More importantly, there are now two empty ships that start in the middle of the map that you have to fight for.  So the new maximum number of ships is up to 6.  Here’s a general changelog:

– Added two empty ships that start in the middle of the map and act as sort of initially inactive capture points.

– Smoothed visible player rotations.

– Players joining an empty server will no longer spawn incapacitated.

– Maximum number of ships increased to 6.

– Fixed jitter movement in ships.

– Increased ship speed.

– Doubled ship repair speed.

– Slowed player movement to about 75% of build14 speed.

– Re-wrote client-side input prediction.

– Optimized update sending to master server.

– Optimized shipObject streaming during rapid back and forth (forever) boarding.

– Improved match restart logic.

– Rebuilt ship interior collision mesh to eliminate view clipping through walls.

Spocean Build15 PC Client

If the new netcode holds up, I may finally have a chance to start working on the much needed new features in the coming weeks.  Voip, guns, clubs, special shot types, different ship types – it’s all on the list, so stay tuned and Spocean on.

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Spocean is Free!

February 3, 2013

Just to clarify, Spocean is now FREE!  For now and forever and always.

In other news, I’m well aware of the connection and game de-synchronization problems that appeared in Build14.  I’m pretty sure I found the causes for both, and will be working this coming week towards fixing them.  As a result, Build15 will probably be more of a technical hotfix than a new feature release.

This weekend saw some epic 6v6 match ups on the official server, with some of the most interesting and surprisingly strategic gameplay I’ve seen so far in Spocean’s time.  I think the re-spawning did a lot for maintaining the rhythm of the match.  It also has the great side effect of flooding the losers with manpower, making the endgame much more of a contest than a lop-sided missily massacre.

Also, yes, there will be guns that you can pick up.  I don’t know when they’ll make it in, but they’ll show up soon.

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Build14 Released

January 31, 2013

A new version of Spocean is available to download over on the download page.  I had originally planned to release Build14 as an introduction to a new swimming system that let players out of the ships, but in the end the whole concept seemed to undermine Spocean’s core gameplay.  Still keen on solving the endless punching battles, though, I came up with a much simpler solution.  You may have already heard of it.  It’s called re-spawning.  Basically the game is unchanged from previous battles as far as ranged battles go, but when it comes to boarding combat, a punch while you’re incapacitated will actually kill you and transport you back to a safe ship.  We’ll see how it goes.  I’ve got a thirty player server up right now for anyone who’s interested in having a go, but scheduled public testing times will be announced soon.

There are countless other changes that have been made since the last version, but most of them are code optimizations and network compression, so I won’t bore you with the details.  Overall, the amount of data flying out of the server has been reduced by about 80%.  I may have gone a little overboard, as there seems to be some jerkiness now in the player and ship movement, but for now that’s how it is.

THE FUTURE is bright.  I’m working on getting another ship type implemented along with deplorable mines.  Finally this game will get some meat on its bones!

I don’t really have a great bug reporting system in place, but if you run into a specific problem that you can reproduce, let me know at

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Build14 Preview – Swim System

November 14, 2012

Check out our new swimming system!  The endless prison-guarding days are over.

Our full project update can be found at our Kickstarter project update page:

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Spocean Alpha Demo Released, Kickstarter Launched

October 30, 2012

Grab your boots, fellow Spoceanauts — and make haste — for today is the day that we’ve been waiting for. Today is the day that we set sail into the Spocean.
The Spoceanlords here at Woodley Games deliver today a free alpha demo of their gnome-filled space-ocean first-person missile-puncher. Reborn from its original incarnation in the Unreal engine, this Unity-powered project is a game of team-based galleon-crewing warfare.

This inital release includes support for two teams of ten players with two ships per team. In order to survive in the Spocean you’ll have to balance ship repairs and healing teammates with tactical piloting, strategic broadsides, and furious punching.

Visit our download page to grab a copy!

Looking forward, we’d like to add support for 40 or more players and more ships as well as new ship types, weapon types, game modes, and many other team-experience enhancements, including VOIP integration. We hope you want these features too. For access to on-going development builds and the final release, check out our Kickstarter page here:

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